Look like a million dollars!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"When it comes to going on a date, what you wear can make or break a great potential relationship.  As such, vrouw zoekt man is essentially meant to break those initial ice-barriers between you and your girl and you need to make sure that you play your part well.  Your dress and the way you present yourself will tend to speak volumes about you as a person.


First and foremost, give priority to your own comfort.  This does not mean you are most comfortable in your lounge wear and you go dressed in casual shorts and a cringed T-shirt. Your dress will reflect the importance you give to the woman and hence choose something that will give her the impression that you have given due thought and time in dressing up (for her, obviously!). The season and the tone of the date should decide your outfit. Keep it casual or formal depending on the time of the day and the occasion.  Do not wear drab, lifeless tones – slightly lively colours will set the mood for a cheerful encounter.  No matter what you wear, make sure it is properly pressed and crinkle-free.


Personal hygiene is crucial. Nothing will put her off, more than a man who turns up smelling like he spent the last couple of hours working out in the gym.  The three B’s that can complete ruin a date are the following: Body odour, Bad breath and Boot smell.  Make sure you use a high-quality deodorant; brushing and using a mouthwash makes good sense especially as you might be seated in proximity to each other.  And if you do decide to wear shoes, please make sure you wear a clean pair of socks.  If you sport a beard, make sure it is well-trimmed and neat; a clean shaven look calls for getting a shave on the day you have planned your date.  You could always argue that a little bit of a stubble probably looks great – but, make sure it is not viewed as a careless attitude and an unkempt look.


Your dress should project who you really are – then you will truly create a long-lasting great impression and will certainly enjoy your evening as well.