Keep your hands off Him/Her!

Image associéeWhen you are exploring options of vrouw zoekt man dating someone you are attracted to, you assume he or she is single.  But there is a possibility that they might be in a relationship with someone else and are merely entertaining you as they are unable to resist your charms.  How do you figure out if someone is single or committed? Here are some fool-proof signs that your potential date is already in a relationship with someone else.


If he or she is in a relationship, chances are this would be obvious on social media.  Check out their Facebook pages or Instagram posts to figure out if there is any indication of being linked to a specific woman or man. Though a few of them do not really highlight their relationship status on social media, chances are high that you may get to know these details through some research.


If you have mutual friends, that’s a good way to get some related information.  Do not appear as if you are trying to pry on the other person’s privacy. Rather, try discreetly gathering some information on their relationship status – maybe you could say you are organizing a party and you would like to invite so-and-so with his girl.  This could give you clear pointers on proceeding further in the relationship.


If a person is already in a committed relationship, she or he may not be able to spare a lot of time for other relationships.  Observing how much time he allots for others is a good way of knowing if he is in a relationship or not.


Keep it impersonal for the first few dates.  You could always gain a good friend, even if you were to discover he or she has a relationship.  Do not expect it to be become a romantic relationship from day one. Give it time and space and use this time wisely to figure out is he is single and is serious about you as well.