End of season – Now what?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"What’s a good way to end your date? Especially the first one? A lot depends largely on how you would personally rate the overall vrouw zoekt man experience.  There are different scenarios to this:


  • You felt he or she was not quite your type; if nothing offensive has been said by him or her, and you are not completely put off, then you could politely wait till the time you had pre-decided to end the date and bid a formal goodbye and walk away. Or if you do not want to waste your time with the wrong date, politely excuse yourself saying you have an emergency to attend to and leave. There obviously would be no question of a subsequent date, so you don’t need to worry about this one.
  • If both of you seemed to really like each other’s company, it would probably be good to consider if you guys could meet again on another date. Ladies, do not be hasty; wait for the gentlemen to pursue this topic first. And, gentlemen, do the honours of asking the lady for the possibility of a second date on a mutually convenient day.
  • If you really think he is the one for you, then let him or her know. You could always do this with a tiny little intimate gesture like an affectionate peck on his or her cheeks.  Be open and let them know that you had a wonderful time with them and are looking forward to many more in future too.
  • Another golden rule to ending a date well, is to have a date schedule which works. Of course, depending on how well you hit it together, there could be last minute changes to the plan. But if the date is going to suck, it’s always comforting to know how soon the whole thing would end.
  • Finally, if you have met for dinner and the lady wants to leave, no matter what the outcome of the date, ensure she has her transportation and make sure she leaves in good humour. If she has called for a cab, do ask her if she will be okay and do make sure that her safety is important to you.  Do not offer to drop her unless she requests for it and agree only if you think you could manage the time and the effort.  It wouldn’t make any sense to drive around with her, especially if you thought the date wasn’t too great.