Dos When Hiring A Builder

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "house builder"Deciding to build your own dream house or an annex to your current one is a big change which certainly needs a shot. You can always choose to search for local builders on your own, ask your friends and relatives for advice or choose one of the builders Bristol based. No matter your choice, here is a list of the things you are allowed to do and it is recommended for you to do in order to ensure a good collaboration with your future builder and reach the expected results within a reasonable timetable:

Do have a clear picture of your project

It would be best to talk to an architect for a clear plan of your future project or, if you are sure enough on your own skills, you could do the sketches yourself. No matter the case, make sure to be as specific as possible in terms of what you want from your project – number of rooms, separation, materials used, insulation, exterior and interior design, etc.


Do come up with a firm budget

Although extra charges will certainly come along the way, it is best to talk with your builder from the beginning and establish a reasonable price for both of you. You can negotiate the tariffs with your builder but only prior to the beginning of it. Make sure to state them clearly in a contract and do have a “safety” budget for additional things you may want to buy, alter or change during the process.


Do look at your builder’s previous work

Before hiring any builder make sure he is trustworthy and a true professional. Every respectful builder will have his own website showing his previous projects. Take a look at the photos, search for the quality of finishes and the whole ensemble of the project. Browse through the testimonial page or try to find a solid opinion about the builder from your friends or acquaintances.