Causes of infatuation

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "infatuation"People think that first chatten met vreemden are always infatuation and guys are not really involved in their first dates. But, that is not the thing.  People do take their first dates seriously and many a times, it is also cases of infatuation where guys and girls come to know of it late. Infatuation occurs in times of physical pressure and the hormonal changes that the body experiences when they see someone. Infatuations are quite natural and everyone goes through it in some time of their lives or the other. Some of the causes of infatuation are listed as under:

  • Chemical reaction may be the reason: When someone is infatuated towards a person, the reaction of chemicals in the body goes up and most of the time, people tend to think that the relationship is real. Infatuation can be a self destruction in itself and you should stay away from it as much as possible.
  • You love to think of the word love: Falling in love is the most wonderful thing ever and you love the fact that you are falling in love. This makes you get infatuated towards a person but the effects of infatuation are very short and it lasts only for a shorter period. The adrenaline rush in your body is greater in these times.
  • More excitement in you: People think that infatuation is love but this does not last for long when you feel love for someone else. There is more excitement in you when you are infatuated with someone. Everything is new and you are not ready to take a step in your relationship during this time.

These are some of the points that are the reasons for infatuation and you should know the difference between infatuation and love. You should take a step only when you think is right.