Best lindy hop camps in Europe

I have been blessed to travel a lot through out the Europe for swing dancing alone. In my short 4 years lindy hopping career, I have travelled most of the Europe and I know that each and every country has something different and unique to offer.

I love several countries in particular – Hungary, Spain, UK, Lithuania and Sweden. First of all, Hungary has one of the largest camps in the world called Lindy Shock where around one thousand of dancers come from all over the world to dance with each other.

I love Spain because of their ability to dance and improvise. A lot of dancers love latin music and dances as well. So, instead of always lindy hopping, you get to see some girls shaking their hips which is cool – this is not something you would see every single day.

I love the UK due its large swing community. In London alone, there are events every single day, in fact, you get several events a day. At least 2 or 3 times per week you get to dance to live bands – small or big, it does not matter – they are still great events. London also hosts one of the best dancers in the world who come from US, Australia, Canada and elsewhere.

I love Lithuania because it has one of the strongest communities. Lithuanian lindy hoppers are crazy when it comes to dancing at the after parties – they just know how to have fun. They hold a few but very good festivals called All Lithuanian Weekend, Swing Paradise and Harlem. The latter one where several hundred dancers comes from all over the world.

The last but not least – Sweden. This is where lindy hop originated in Europe. If it was not for several dedicated Swedish lindy hoppers, we would not have lindy hop in Europe. Or at least, not as big as it is today. Also, Sweden hosts the largest camps in the world – The Snowball and Herrang. Herrang takes over 5 weeks. 5 BLOODY WEEKS!